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Filling your product on our modern canning line  is not everything we can help you with!

What services do we provide additionally?


Do you order packaging from us and you don`t have your own transport? No problem! We will deliver the order to the address provided by you.

We offer 4 types of can labeling:

  1. Self-adhesive labels applied to the cans after canning, made according to any pattern provided by the customer. The advantage of these labels is low price and small production series.

  2. SHRINK FOIL labels are shrunk on cans under the influence of heat. The label covering the can much better makes the product more attractive, allowing it to stand out on the shelf.

  3. Cans printed by the manufacturer - we can order cans with any lithography from the manufacturer. The minimum order is 100,000 cans.

  4. Hybrid labels: we can order printed cans from the manufacturer, containing only the background and / or the name of the brewery, and then, after pouring the beer, we put a self-adhesive label on the can, supplementing it e.g. with the type of beer.

We will test the seam of the can closure with professional equipment, which is crucial for the quality of the product, and we will analyze the filled beer / drink. We have many years of experience in the field of canning
and packaging, call us and we will advise you on the best solution.
we offer technological consultations on the highest level. Our consultant - Marek Tracz, he gained his 35-year experience at the Browar in Leżajsk and Bracki Browar Zamkowy in Cieszyn.

Need additional support?
Contact us.

We will try to find the optimal solution for you.

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