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  • What are the technical requirements for the installation of the device and its correct operation?
    - space required: 5 x 2 m - beer / drink temperature 0-2 degrees Celsius, preferably 1 degree - finally to be agreed with our technologist - CO2 content in beer up to 7.0 g per liter, preferably 5.0 - availability of compressed air 6-7 bar, if it is not available, please inform us, we provide our own compressor - availability of carbon dioxide with a pressure of 0.2 Bar - beer / beverage feeding pressure 1-2 Bar - packaging in collective packaging is done by the brewery / producer
  • What is the cost of canning one type of beer?
    We estimate the cost of the service individually for each client, depending on the type of drink and quantity. Contact us and we will arrange the details of the valuation.
  • Do you fill still drinks (non-carbonated) into cans?
    Not at the moment, but we plan to buy Nitro in 2023. Please email us so we can let you know as soon as we introduce this service.
  • Do you also offer microbiological assessment?
    Yes, we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. Before canning, we perform Cleaning in Place (CIP), i.e. on-site cleaning of production machinery and piping. In addition, we also perform microbiological assessment with 3M preparations.
  • Is it possible to pasteurize or sterilize on the canning line?
    We do not perform pasteurization, it must be carried out by the manufacturer before or after filling into the cans.
  • Do you fill wine into cans?
    We fill everything that is carbonated into cans, so also sparkling wines, e.g. prosecco
  • What is the price of the canning?
    Packaging cost - cans Filling cost Labeling cost Travel cost
  • Can I only buy cans?
    Yes, we sell both cans and lids for them. The minimum order is 1 pallet.
  • What information must be provided in order to complete the offer?
    The date and place of the canning, as well as the amount and type of drink we are going to fill. Contact us so that we can confirm the availability of the date you have chosen.
  • Does beer have to be pasteurized?
  • Is it possible to travel abroad with the canning line?
    Yes of course! Contact us for details.
  • Is it also possible to fill nitrogen drinks (nitro) in cans?
  • What are the dimensions of the canning machine?
    The required place for the canning of your product is 5 x 2m
  • Is it possible to fill several types of beer during one canning day?
  • Are there any losses during the canning?
    The minimum quantity of the product to be filled is 15,000 cans. How much product should we prepare? If the technical requirements are met, the losses amount to no more than 2%.
  • Can you fill kombucha into cans?
  • Can I only order cans with a label?
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